Public Notice Research and Education Fund Launches Spendopedia 9.3.2013

Arlington, Va. – Today,  Public Notice Research and Education Fund launched Spendopedia, a Wikipedia-like resource of questionable spending by the U.S. federal government, where users are able to actively contribute. Spendopedia is a one-stop shop for activists, policymakers, reporters and bloggers to track and record how American tax dollars are being spent in Washington. “As […] more

Spendopedia: Federal Waste Collection Site Opens On Internet 8.26.2013

As seen in The Washington Times
 By Phillip Swarts Has government waste become so bad that we need an encyclopedia to keep track? One watchdog group [Public Notice Research and Education Fund] seems to think so and has started a publicly edited, crowd sourced website that compiles cases of fiscal abuse, modeled after the popular site […] more

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Spendopedia is a Wikipedia-like resource for questionable spending by the U.S. federal government to which anyone can submit content. more

Washington Could Learn A Lot

"Washington Could Learn A lot" takes a lighthearted approach to the fact that Washington really does have a lot to learn. And while our messages may be funny, our facts could not be more serious. more

Race Fans 4 Freedom

Two basic principles unite NASCAR fans: the thrill of the race and love of country. As race fans, we have a great responsibility and opportunity to keep this country and this sport its best. more