Get Smart About Dumb Spending

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You may think you’re an expert on all of Washington’s wasteful spending. But with over 100 articles on SPENDOPEDIA, our new wiki of questionable government spending, you might be surprised at all the waste we’ve tracked that you didn’t know about yet. Take our newest quiz (fair warning – it’s a doozy!) to see just how smart you are about Washington’s dumb spending!

1. The Senate barber shop, Senate Hair Care Services, ran a $350,000 deficit per year for the last 15 years, costing U.S. taxpayers how much?


2. The Department of Health and Human Services held 140 conferences in fiscal year 2012 costing taxpayers $56,130,874. How many average American monthly grocery bills does that equate?


3. In fiscal year 2012, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services estimated that it spent _______ on improper Medicaid payments.


4. The average cost of production for one penny was how much in 2012?

1.5 cents1 cent2 cents2.4 cents

5. What type of duplicative Department of Agriculture inspections is expected to cost taxpayers $14 million per year?


6. A FOIA request filed by Americans for Limited Government uncovered that taxpayers paid $4.8 million in annual salaries for how many active union officials at the Department of Transportation?


7. The National Science Foundation has given federal funding for studies in what?

Snail reproductionSocial mediaHow video games improve adult cognitionAll of the above

8. The Environmental Protection Agency awarded a grant to the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to study what?

Farming techniquesSwine manureFarming equipmentSwine reproduction

9. Former Secretary of Interior Dirk Kempthorne commenced a large-scale renovation of his private bathroom, costing taxpayers how much?


10. A $1.2 million grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) enables what study?

Food preparation on MarsImproved space suitsLife on MarsAll of the above

Congratulations! You finished!

We told you it was a tough one! But, great job! You're now an expert on ten wasteful projects the government has spent your tax dollars on. But, there are over 100 other Spendopedia articles for you to read up on, and even more government waste to track down! So get to it, because there is plenty more dumb spending for you to get smart about!